Playtech Casino Sotware Provider

Online Slot games are undoubtedly the most popular games offered at online and land-based casinos throughout the world. They are also the most lucrative for casinos as players seem to play them over and over again in an attempt to win that coveted and elusive jackpot.

The profitability of slot games coupled with their popularity has led to the mushrooming of the gambling software development industry.


Today, there are several gambling software development companies in operation. However, not all these companies are the same in terms of size and service quality.

Some are large while others are mid-sized. Also, some companies provide top-notch services while others provide services that can only be termed as mediocre. One of the best gambling software development companies around is none other than Playtech plc.

When you line up and compare the top gambling software development companies in the world, none comes close to beating the reputation acquired by Playtech.

History of Playtech

Founded in 1999, Playtech is one of the largest online gaming and sports betting software suppliers in the world. It has achieved a lot since its inception; it was the first European land- based casino to go online (a feat achieved in 2002), the company was first publicly traded as LSE: PTEC in 2006 on the London Stock Exchange and in 2012 it was included in the FTSE 250 Index. Also, Playtech has made a lot of acquisitions over the years, these include; PT Turnkey Services (2011), (2013), Aristocrat Lotteries (2014) and YoYo games (2015)

Of all the things the company has succeeded in, developing wide array of marvelous slot games has been the greatest. With over 400 slot games to its name, no one can leave disappointed. The superb sound effects, awesome graphics and vivid animations are only the beginning of what players can experience.

Progressive Slots from Playtech

One of the places that Playtech slot games has stood out is in the arena of progressive slots. Their progressive slots are known for their vivid graphics and mind-blowing sound effects. Whether a player is novice or experienced, they are bound to get hooked as soon as soon as they start playing. Some of these progressive slot games include

  • Cinerama– An engaging game with great and visually appealing graphics. It features a progressive jackpot and the task is shooting a film for reward.
  • Fruitmania– This is a 5 reel, 5 payline progressive video slot. It offers bonus game scatter symbols and many more features.
  • Beach life– One of the most popular progressive video slots. It features amazing graphics plus a couple of bonus rounds. The progressive jackpot associated with Beach life is one of the main reasons for its popularity among slot game enthusiasts.

Licensed Playtech Slot Games

Playtech  is known for its variety of licensed slot machines. It has slots which feature celebrated film and comic characters. This was made possible after signing franchises for popular movies and a wide range of comics. Licensed slots are popular due to their engaging storylines and themes derived from famous movies and comics. One of the most popular licensed slot games is the marvel slot machines which is an array of the slots like X-men, Iron Man and Incredible hulk.