Casino Technology

Casino Technology is a Bulgaria based casino gaming developer operating from the city of Sofia. This company is one of the veterans dealing with land based casinos. Casino Technology now also deals with providing gaming software solutions to their clients from all over the world. The history of this company starts in 1999 when it was listed as the first licensed manufacturer and developer of gaming products in their country.

The first recognition for Casino Technology was the release of their multigame product known as “Mega Jack“. After the stupendous success of this product there was a series of other successful products which helped this company to become part of the top ranking gaming developers of the world. Today Casino Technology has offices in more than fifteen countries and clients from all over the globe.

Casino Technology

In recent times, Casino Technology has launched a new subsidiary called Casino Technology Interactive. This division deals in providing modern gaming solutions for the old products of the casinos by using multi-channel delivery systems. The main motive behind this modernization is to provide a system through which the casinos can reach their customers. This helps in generating more revenue and helps in building up brand loyalty. you

Currently Casino Technology has more than five hundred products that deal with online slots, bingo and automated roulette games. This company is now getting ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary and to create milestones for the upcoming future.

Gaming Software

Casino Technology provides multichannel gaming solution to its clients thus empowering a smooth transition from land based gaming to online and mobile platforms. This company has introduced five sophisticated systems to attain their target. These five systems include

  1. RHINO as Casino Management System
  2. BUFFALO as Universal Jackpot System
  3. ELEPHANT as Remote Game Server
  4. LEOPARD as Online Gaming Platform
  5. LION for Money Management System

The Casino Technology Interactive division is known for its rich portfolio of online games including different types of slot games. Currently its portfolio boasts of more than hundred HTML 5 games which can be accessed through ELEPHANT Remote Gamer Server. This company is also working on creating an improved game layout of the old slot games which can be accessed through mobiles and other such devices.

Most Popular Games by Casino Technology

With experience of more than fifteen years, Casino Technology is considered as a world leader in developing land based and online slot games. The products of this company are licensed by more than fifty jurisdictions across the world. Some of the top ranking slot games produced by Casino Technology include the following.

  • Black Cats
  • 20 Star Party
  • 2254 A.C. Revolution
  • 25 Star Stones
  • 3 Dragons
  • 3 Towers
  • 40 Golden Nuggets
  • 40 Shining Jewels

Progressive Jackpots by Casino Technology

One of the five sophisticated systems mentioned above, BUFFALO acts as a universal jackpot server. This system provides jackpot solutions for both online and land based slot games. BUFFALO allows various configuration schemes for interconnectivity between slot machines and other games. This allows linking of the online groups of the same game to have the similar size of the progressive jackpots at all other locations if legally allowed by the gambling regulatory commissions.