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Slot Games Jargon

Slot games are very entertaining buy can very easily be very confusing for new players. Compared to roulette or blackjack that have only a few jargon terms to learn before you become familiar to the game, slot games have a list of jargon.

slots jargon

Ok, some of them like bet, auto play and spin are very obvious but some others are not.

Jargon is a literary term that is defined as a use of specific phrases and words by writers in a particular situation, profession or trade. These specialized terms are used to convey hidden meanings accepted and understood in that field. – literarydevices.net

Slot players tend to talk to each other with jargon when it comes to describing their slot games experiences. Let’s have a look at all the slot games jargon.

Slot Games Jargon

3 Reel – A slot game that has 3 reels

5 Reel – a slot game that has 5 reels

Multi-line – A slot game that contains more than one payline.

Reels – This is where the slot game’s symbols appear on

Bet – The amount you bet on every spin

Bet Max or Max Bet –  Automatically selects the maximum number of paylines for the slot machine being played

Bonus Feature or Bonus Game – Players favorite: A slot bonus game that can be triggered when the bonus feature appear and can lead to a big win with free spins and multipliers

Coins – Some slot games use coins as a bet amount.

Coin Size – This determines the size of the coin being staked on each payline

Free Spins – A bonus feature that rewards the player free spins and is often connected to a multiplier

Multiplier – Reel wins or free spins that will multiply any winnings by a certain amount

Payline – a line that connects winning combinations across the reels.  Each selected payline requires a bet and adds to the total stake per spin

Paytable – A table that every slot has which  explains how much you win when you get certain symbol combinations, how to trigger bonus features and has pictures of all paylines

Progressive Jackpot – A progressive jackpot is a jackpot for a slot machine where the value of the jackpot increases as players play the game ( or the games in the network) until someone wins the progressive jackpot

Random Number Generator (RNG) – This is a gambling mechanism that determines the randomness of the each slot machine. Read more about the Random Number Generator and check out our infographic how slot games work

Scatter – A scatter is a symbol that does not have to be connected via a payline to reward the player as its a special symbol and can sometimes trigger a bonus feature (usually when 3 of them appear)

Wild – A symbol that is able to substitute itself for other symbols to form winning combinations. Wilds can substitute any other slot symbol and can also trigger bonus rounds