Game Category: space slots

Cosmic Fortune Slot Game

If you have a penchant for science fiction thrillers which depict an alien invasion of the earth then you will certainly like the Cosmic Fortune Slot Game. The introduction of this game is in the form of the basic video games which were quite popular in the 80s. The storyline revolves around an alien invasion…

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Big Bang Slot Game

When Georges Lemaître first compounded the theory in 1927 that the current expansion of the expanding universe can be tracked to a point which witnessed a big explosion there was a huge opposition to his views. Now with the passage of time many proven scientific theories have come up which support his claims. Taking a…

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Alien Robots Slot Game

Alien Robots Slot Game is a science fiction genre based game, developed by Net Entertainment. The characters used in this game are seemed to be based on Wall-E, a great cartoon movie by Pixar. The most fascinating thing about this slot game is its ability to provide a unique feature in the form of 243…

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