Arctic Adventure Slot Game

Arctic Adventure slot game is an arctic themed game developed by CGTV Games. This online slot machine game comes with five reels and fifteen paylines which makes it quite easy to play. As far as the graphics of this game are concerned, they are a visual treat. Don’t be getting confused with Wild Gambler Arctic Adventure. This is a totally different game.

Arctic Adventure slot game is quite different from other slot machine games related with the same genre and if you want to enjoy a game that offers a bit more of interaction rather than just selecting autoplay then this is the perfect game for you. The only aspect which puts this game on the back foot is lack of progressive jackpot; otherwise, it has all the ingredients which make a slot machine game ideal for slots players.

Arctic Adventure Slot Features

This game has all the other usual features such as bonus round, wild symbol, scatters.he maximum coin limit for this game is set up at seventy five coins. The coin range for this game starts at £0.01 and goes up to £1. The minimum wagering requirement for this game ranges from £0.01 – £5.00. A player can wager one coin on each payline for a maximum wager of £75.00.

The symbols used in this game are in the form of animals found in the arctic region which are bunny, toad, wolf, penguin, reindeer, otter, trout, owl, dog, puffin and seal. The other special symbols in this game include a puffin as the scatter symbol and a reindeer as the wild symbol.

Arctic Adventure slot game scatters, wilds and bonus rounds

Wild Symbol: As mentioned above, reindeer is the wild symbol of this game. It can be substituted for all symbols with an exception to scatter and bonus symbols. This symbol can appear anywhere on the reels and helps in creating winning combinations. Apart from being most valuable symbol of this game, landing five reindeer symbols on an active payline can allow a player to win a massive  10000x. Landing reindeer symbol on active paylines provides

wild symbol of arctic adventure slot game

  • 10x for landing two reindeer symbols.
  • 100x for landing three reindeer symbols.
  • 1000x for landing four reindeer symbols.
  • 10000x for landing five reindeer symbols.

Scatter Symbols: The puffin is not only the scatter symbol of this game but also acts as the multiplier. A player must land at least two scatter symbols to activate the multiplier feature. The multiplier feature includes

  • Landing two puffins provides multiplier of 2x.
  • Landing three puffins provides multiplier of 5x.
  • Landing four puffins provides multiplier of 50x.
  • Landing five puffins provides multiplier of 250x.

flower symbol of arctic adventure slot game

Three Bonus Pattern Feature: Apart from the prizes associated with the active paylines, this game also provides a unique three bonus pattern feature. This feature is activated when a player lands a flower symbol in any of the three patterns provided in this game. If you can get the flower symbol to land in one of the three bonus patterns, you can win up to 100x of your stake.