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The Incredible Hulk Slot 50 Lines

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The Incredible Hulk Slot-50 Lines Review

With the smash hit in the form of their previous Incredible Hulk slot machine game, Playtech has moved forward to provide the latest version of this classic slot game which again features the Incredible Hulk as their main protagonist, with the added feature or facility of fifty pay-lines instead of twenty five pay-lines and other features which were absent in the earlier version. Playtech is the top brand dealing with online gaming software designing and production of state of the art online slot games and casino platforms.

Playtech first came into existence in 90s when a group of online gaming professional which included gaming software developers, entrepreneurs, and members of multi-media oriented companies coming together to launch an entity which today is one of the top ranking industries providing their services to the major online as well as land based casinos all over the world. There was a time when the lack of competition led the online gaming industry to the brink of boredom when they were producing the same quality of online games and there was no innovation, but with the entry of Playtech in the market, there was a new hope of light which gave the online industry a new chance to pull together. Their experience with the land based casinos, gave Playtech an edge over all its competitors as they were privy to the knowledge of the requirements and the desires of the players interested in slot machine gaming. Even today they still have that edge and this is clearly imbibed in the basic fibre of this company to produce online slot machine games which have entertained and will go on to entertain the coming generations of online gaming enthusiasts.

Incredible Hulk from the movie to the Slot Game

Incredible Hulk slot version two is a part of their journey towards providing the best to online slot machine players. This slot machine game is the part of the marvel series developed by Playtech and is based on the great Hollywood movie ‘Incredible Hulk’ starred by Edward Norton. This movie was released in 2008 and is sequel to the movie ‘Hulk’ released in 2003 starring Eric Bana. In the Incredible Hulk movie, the main protagonist Dr. Bruce Banner a.k.a Hulk is trying to get rid of his split personality (Hulk) but get involved in a military action against him by General Thaddeus and faces the Royal Mariner Emil Blonsky who had also received a dose of a serum which provides him with more lethal edge as compared to Hulk himself.


Main Characteristics of Hulk slot

The latest version of the Incredible Hulk slot provides the players with expanding wilds when they are able to strike Hulk in the central reel along with special bonus rounds in this progressive jackpot slot machine game. The players can also take benefit of the two bonus rounds provided in this game which includes Hulk Smash Bonus round and second bonus in the form of ten free spins. In order to hit the former, the players are required to hit smash bonus symbols at the specified reels while the second bonus is only released when a player is able to strike three or more than three scatters. The other feature which makes this game totally irresistible is the expanding feature.

In simple terms The Incredible Hulk slot -50 Lines is a five reels and fifty pay line slot machine game with a progressive jackpot and bonus round. This game includes the features like wild symbols, expanding; multiplier of 3x; scatters along with the maximum coin limit of 10 coins. This game does not have any gamble feature. The maximum wager of this game stands at 1.00, while the minimum wager stand at 0.01. The second highest payout of this slot machine game currently stands at 4000.

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